Valentine’s Day in K2

Pizza K2
Valentine’s Day in K2

Let us invite you for Valentine’s Day in K2.
A romantic but not to intimate and not too sweet atmosphere, romantic music and a special menu await you.

Our special Valentine’s menu:

– 2 x Half&Half X-Large + 2 x SanPellegrino – ONLY 36,99 pounds
– 2 x K-2 X-Large + 2 x SanPellegrino – ONLY 32,99 pouns
– 2 x Fantasy X-Large + 2 SanPellegrino – ONLY 36,99 pounds

Remember – be “no waste” If you can’t eat all our pizza (we know, we know it is great) you can ask to pack it home.

For each dish from the Valentine’s menu a small bottle of wine as a gift.

A free small botle of wine for each pair when you order mega pizza!!!
(* available only at store or for collection)

HEARD SHAPED PIZZA AVAILABLE ONLY FOR PRE-ORDER- please call and book a table!!!

A sweet surprise with every order that you take home!

So! joined us this day, it’ll be special!  


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